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Licence – Order Picker

Licenced Course

8 to 16 hours

from $495

Hallam, Bendigo

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Order Picker Licence Training Course – Melbourne, Victoria

Order Picker Forklift Licence

Does your job require you to pick and load items at warehouse storage? Sign up for the 2-day training program at TDT Training and learn how to safely operate an order picker forklift. You can also opt for onsite training and testing to obtain your licence in a shorter time. Get in touch with us to learn more about our course details or discover other training opportunities that might interest you on our website.

Unit of Competency:

TLILIC0004 – Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck


  • To operate an order picker safely and effectively.
  • To pass the Victorian Worksafe Authority assessment.

Entry Requirements: Must be minimum 18 years of age and have photo I.D. that includes name, signature and date of birth & secondary ID.

Duration: Dependent upon skill level, course options available include full day assessment only (prior training must be demonstrated) or two day training and assessment.

Course Content: Theory & Practical Training within our warehouse, WorkCover assessment on completion of course.

 An Order Picker Course Handbook is available from our office and is required reading in order to successfully complete the written theory and calculations assessments.

*Verbal test available at an extra cost

Practical: Pre-Operational checks of order picker and working area, negotiating hazards, shifting loads, placing loads in and out of racking, loading & unloading trucks and shut down procedures.

Resources:  Electric Order Picker

Assessment: Victorian Worksafe Authority Assessment

Note: Onsite training & testing is available upon request.





What is an order picker forklift?

An order picker forklift is a type of industrial vehicle specifically designed for the manual handling of individual items within a warehouse or storage facility. Unlike traditional forklifts, which are usually used to lift, move, and place pallets or large containers, an order picker allows the operator to be elevated along with the forks to manually pick items from shelves. This design facilitates the easy and efficient retrieval of goods stored at various heights. If you’re also interested in operating traditional forklifts, you might consider obtaining a forklift licence.


Is the order picker the same as the forklift?

While both the order picker and the traditional forklifts fall under the broader category of forklifts, they serve different functions and are not the same. A traditional forklift is generally used for lifting, moving, and placing pallets or larger containers. It has a horizontal set of forks, and the operator stays at ground level while operating the machine. In contrast, an order picker is specialised for picking individual items, often smaller, and the operator platform rises along with the forks to allow manual selection of items from shelving at different heights. If you’re looking to get certified for both, consider taking a combined forklift and order picker licence course.


What is the difference between the forklift and the order picker?

  • Functionality: Traditional forklifts are primarily used for moving and lifting heavy pallets and containers, while order pickers are designed to pick individual items from racks or shelves manually.
  • Operator Position: In a traditional forklift, the operator stays at ground level. In an order picker, the operator is elevated along with the lifting mechanism, allowing direct access to items at various heights.
  • Flexibility in Height: Order pickers are generally better suited for operations that require accessing items at various heights, as they can lift the operator to the level of the item to be picked.
  • Load Capacity: Traditional forklifts usually have a higher load capacity than order pickers, designed to move pallets and large containers.
  • Space Efficiency: Order pickers are often more compact and manoeuvrable, making them ideal for warehouses where space is a premium and aisles are narrow.

Safety Considerations: Because the operator is elevated in an order picker, additional safety measures like harnesses may be required, depending on the height.

 Order Picker (LO) Price
Full Course Day Course (16 hrs) – 2 Day $495.00
Re Issue of WorkSafe Paperwork $100.00
Licence Fee (payable to Worksafe – at Aust Post) $71.55
Onsite Fees are the same unless arrangement are made with TDT Management
HRW Retest
Verbal Test (add price to original booking) $160.00
Drive Re-test (Practical) $160.00
Theory Re-test $160.00
Calculations Re-test $160.00
Verbal Re-test (theory) $320.00
Full Re-test (theory & practical) $320.00
Full Re-test (including theory, practical & verbal) $450.00
Other Charges
Re-issue Certificate / SOA $50.00
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