Forklift and Order Picker Combined Licence Course (TLILIC0003 & TLILIC0004)

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Forklift and Order Picker Combined Licence Course (TLILIC0003 & TLILIC0004)

Forklift and Order Picker Combined Licence Course (TLILIC0003 & TLILIC0004)

Licenced Course

From 32 hours

From $990.00


Course Details

Unit of Competency:

TLILIC0003 – Licence to operate a forklift truck

TLILIC0004 – Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck


  • To operate an order picker safely and effectively.
  • To operate a forklift safely and effectively.
  • To pass the Victorian Worksafe Authority assessment.

Entry Requirements

To undertake the order picking and forklift licence course, you must be minimum 18 years of age and have photo I.D. that includes name, signature and date of birth & secondary ID.


For both licences, this course will run over 4 days.

Validity of Forklift and Order Picker Licences:

Both licences are valid for 5 years. You will need to renew the licence after 5 years.

Course Content:

The order picking and forklift licence course features a theory & practical training component within our warehouse and WorkCover assessment on completion of the course.

Forklift and Order Picker Course Fee:

The full 4 day course is $805.

Licence Fee:

$71.55 (paid to WorkSafe)

Check our Price list in the next tab for additional paperwork and retest costs.


A Forklift Course Handbook and an Order Picker Course Handbook are available from our office and are required reading in order to successfully complete the written theory and calculations assessments.

*Verbal test available at an extra cost


Pre-Operational checks of forklift and working area, pre-operational checks of order picker and working area, negotiating hazards, shifting loads, placing loads in and out of racking, loading & unloading trucks and shut down procedures.


Gas & electric powered, automatic counterbalance forklifts and electric order picker.


Victorian Worksafe Authority Assessment

Note: Onsite training & testing is available upon request.

Who is this course best for?

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to get a job in warehouses, distribution centres or any indoor or outdoor setting that requires the use of forklifts or order pickers.

Other courses we offer

TDT Training offers the Forklift Licence and Order Picker Licence courses on their own, if you only need to qualify for one. You also have the option of taking our Forklift Refresher course. This course can be taken every 3-5 years to reaffirm your understanding of forklift safety and operations.

Apply now for our combined Forklift and Order Picker course to get ready for the workforce.



Why you should choose a TDT training course

TDT Training Australia offers a wide range of training and licencing assessments in all classes of heavy vehicles. Whether you’re looking for certifications to drive Light Rigid vehicles, forklifts or multi-combination vehicles, we have you covered. All our training programs are taught by experienced instructors in industry-standard, modern vehicles.TDT trainers are not just ticking boxes so you’ll pass your assessment – they’re teaching you how to be a better driver, so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running once you’ve gained your new licence. For more information about the training we provide, contact the TDT team today.



What are the prerequisites for the course?

To enrol in an order picker and forklift licence course at TDT Training, you must be 18 years of age and be able to provide an appropriate photo ID. There’s no need for prior experience with forklifts or order pickers, making this course accessible to beginners looking to enter the field.

What does the order picking and forklift licence training course cover?

TDT’s comprehensive course prepares you for operating both forklifts and order pickers safely and efficiently. The curriculum covers safety guidelines, basic operational techniques, load handling, and workplace protocol, positioning you well for obtaining your order picking forklift licence and order picker forklift licence.

How long is the order picking and forklift licence training course?

The duration of the combined forklift and order picker licence course at TDT Training is four days. These training sessions are usually conducted during the working week – however, if your schedule doesn’t allow for this, please get in touch with the TDT team. We may be able to accommodate.

How much does the training course cost?

The cost for the combined order picking and forklift licence course at TDT Training comes to $805.00 Is this the current price?- this does not include the cost of the licence fee, or costs for external equipment you may need. For up to date information on pricing, see the course pricing tab on this page.

What certifications will I receive?

Upon successful completion of the course and any relevant assessments, you will be eligible to apply for both an order picking and a forklift licence. These licences are both valid for five years.

Is hands-on training part of the order picking and forklift licence training course?

Yes, TDT Training places a strong emphasis on hands-on training. You’ll get the chance to operate actual forklifts and order pickers under expert supervision, ensuring you gain the practical skills needed for your order picking forklift licence.

Where can I get a copy of the training materials for the course?

Both the Forklift Course handbook and the Order Picker Course handbook are available from the TDT Training office. These handbooks are essential reading in order to pass your written theory and calculation tests. These books become great resources to turn to whenever you need to refresh your knowledge.

What job opportunities can come from taking the order picking and forklift licence course?

Once you’ve successfully obtained your order picking and forklift licence from TDT Training, a wide range of job opportunities opens up. Searching for roles in warehousing, manufacturing and distribution? Perhaps even specialised roles within logistics and transportation? The ability to operate an order picker or forklift will ensure your application stands out.

 Forklift (LF) and Order Picker (LO) Combined Price
Full Course Day Course – 4 Days(2 Days Forklift, 2 Days Order Picker) $990.00
Re Issue of WorkSafe Paperwork $100.00
Licence Fee (payable to Worksafe – at Aust Post) $71.55
Onsite Fees are the same unless arrangement are made with TDT Management
HRW Retest
Drive Re-test (Practical) $160.00
Theory Re-test $160.00
Calculations Re-test $160.00
Verbal Theory Test  or Verbal Theory Re-test $320.00
Full Re-test (theory & practical) $320.00
Full Re-test (including Verbal theory & practical) $450.00
Other Charges
Re-issue Certificate / SOA $50.00
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