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TLILIC3018- Multi-Combination Vehicle

Course Details

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Course Location

Hallam, Bendigo, Sale, Sunshine, Ballarat

Entry Requirements

Drivers participating in this course must have held a HR licence for a minimum of 12 months, and have a current HC licence.


Student/Instructor Ratio 1:1


Course Content

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Multi Combination (MC) Truck Licence Course in Victoria

About the Vehicle

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A Heavy Rigid Vehicle is a vehicle 8 tones GVM and above, with 3 or more axles, including truck & bus.


This course is designed to train drivers to a competent standard in both theory and practical, which will enalbe them to pass the relevant VicRoads testing criteria for theory, skills and practical driving in the category of Multi Combination.


Duration 8-10 hours
Hourly training is also available upon request.

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Special Conditions

Course duration/costs do not guarantee students will sit the on road licence test. To be eligible to test, students MUST first meet VicRoads criteria. If criteria are NOT met students will not be able to undergo the on road test and will continue to train for the duration of the course. Additional costs will apply if students book subsequent training and/or testing.

Price Details

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Multi Combination

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Day Course


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Hourly Training (Minimum 4 hrs)

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Heavy Vehicle (MR, HR, HC & MC) per hour


Assessment Fee (this can only be offered in conjunction with training)


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Heavy Vehicle Retest

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KT4 Retest


(On Road) Drive Retest


(Off Road) Both Reverse Retest


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Other Charges

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Weekend Fee (Applied per person, per day)


Truck Handbook


Verbal Theory Test


Re-issue Certificate / SOA


Endorsement fee (payable at TDT Training or VicRoads) $60.00* *A card payment fee applies when using VISA or Mastercard.