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Agricultural Vehicle Licenses

The qualifications you need for a great start in your career. At Transport Driver Training (TDT) we offer a range of agricultural training courses to help students earn their qualification. A leading course provider based in Victoria, TDT delivers great learning outcomes to students seeking licenses on a range of agricultural vehicles. Our experienced instructors offer an exceptional level of teaching so everyone can safely operate their selected vehicle across all kinds of conditions. 

TDT continues to develop and expand our services to the agriculture sector and offers courses on:

Speak to us about farm vehicle training courses

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Get in touch with the team at TDT if you’d like to sign up for one of our farm vehicle training courses. We pride ourselves on providing a standout level of teaching to support workers across the industry. Got a question? We’re happy to provide more information about our courses and the licence types offered.

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TDT training centre locations

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TDT conducts farm vehicle training and agricultural vehicle training courses from several different locations across Melbourne and Victoria, employing a unique training approach. Our training locations include Hallam, Bendigo, Sunshine, Ballarat, and Sale. Sign up today and get your operator ticket from a nationally-recognised provider. We offer a variety of course types as well as flexible modes of delivery to accommodate different learning requirements. Our unique training approach integrates practical skills with comprehensive industry insights, facilitated by experienced instructors in a supportive environment.