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TLILIC2015 - Medium Rigid Licence

Course Details

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Course Location

Hallam, Bendigo, Sale

Entry Requirements

Drivers participating in this course must have held a Victorian Car Licence for a minimum period of 12 months.


Student/Instructor Ratio 1:1


Course Content

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Theory, Road law and General Driving Tips to prepare for the MR Assessment


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Medium Rigid Vehicle:

A Medium Rigid vehicle is any 2 axle rigid vehicle, including truck & bus, greater than 8 tones GVM.

Medium Rigid (MR) Truck Licence Training in Melbourne, VIC


This course is designed to train drivers to a competent standard in both theory and practical, which will enable them to pass the relevant VicRoads testing criteria for theory, skills and practical driving in the category of Medium Rigid Licence.

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Special Conditions

Course duration/costs do not guarantee students will sit the on road licence test. To be eligible to test, students MUST first meet VicRoads criteria. If criteria are NOT met students will not be able to undergo the on road test and will continue to train for the duration of the course. Additional costs will apply if students book subsequent training and/or testing.

Price Details

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Medium Rigid

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Extreme Novice


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Hourly Training (Minimum 2 hrs for weekdays, Minimum 4 hrs for weekends)

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Heavy Vehicle (MR, HR, HC & MC) per hour


Assessment Fee (this can only be offered in conjunction with training)


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Heavy Vehicle Retest

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KT4 Retest


(On Road) Drive Retest


(Off Road) Both Reverse Retest


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Other Charges

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Weekend Fee (Applied per person, per day)


Truck Handbook


Verbal Theory Test


Endorsement fee (payable at TDT Training) $60.00* *A card payment fee applies when using VISA or Mastercard.


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You need to have held a current Victorian car licence for at least 12 months before you can enrol in the medium rigid licence training course.
Bring your current Victorian driver’s licence and any other required identification documents. For the practical elements of the medium rigid truck licence course, you should wear comfortable clothing for driving and closed-toe shoes.
An MR driver’s licence in Victoria allows you to drive a rigid vehicle with 2 axles and a GVM of more than 8 tonnes. This includes trucks, buses, and other medium-sized commercial vehicles.
A medium rigid vehicle is a rigid vehicle with two axles, such as trucks, tippers, and buses.

An MR driver’s licence allows you to work in many different sectors:

  • Public Transport (private minibuses or shuttles)
  • Courier and Delivery Services (food, freight and furniture delivery)
  • Construction and Trades (medium-sized trucks for equipment/material transport)
  • Emergency Services (certain specialised vehicles)
  • Freight and Logistics
Yes. At TDT Training Australia, we offer the training course using both manual and automatic vehicles. You can take the training course using either transmission. Contact the team at TDT Training Australia today if you have any questions about this aspect of the training.

You can gain your MR Licence after an assessment from TDT Training Australia, an accredited provider. However, there are requirements you should complete before starting the assessment.

Those sitting the test should currently hold:

  • A current Victorian driver’s licence
  • An Australian driver’s licence

Those sitting the test should also have passed the following:

  • An eyesight test
  • An MR knowledge test
  • On-road and off-road heavy vehicle driving assessment
  • A formal training course (heavy combination and multi-combination applicants only)

You can then complete the process in four easy steps:

Step 1: Check your eligibility

The licence categories page provides the minimum requirements for an Australian car licence or a heavy licence category before you attempt to complete the heavy vehicle test.

You can only drive vehicles in the category for which you are licensed or vehicles in lesser categories.

Suspension periods

Suspension periods are excluded when calculating the minimum time required to hold an Australian driver’s licence.

Probationary licence holders

Probationary P1 and P2 driver licence holders may apply for a heavy vehicle licence. Holding periods still apply.

Fines Victoria

If you have a Fines Victoria sanction, the results won’t be valid, and you’ll need to pay for another one (no refunds are available). If you get a Fines Victoria sanction after passing, you will be able to add the heavy vehicle category to your licence once the sanction is removed.

Step 2: Learning to drive a heavy vehicle

First, you must read the Victorian Bus and Truck Drivers’ Handbook [PDF 1.51 Kb].

Learning to drive on the road

TDT Training Australia is an accredited heavy vehicle training and testing provider. We provide a course outline that can help you get your licence.

For safety reasons, our vehicles will always display DRIVER UNDER INSTRUCTION plates at the front and back of the vehicles while conducting your training.

Training to drive a bus

An application is needed for a Commercial Passenger Vehicle and Bus Driver Accreditation to drive a commercial or local bus in Victoria. Visit the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria website or call 1800 638 802 (toll-free) or 03 8683 0768 for more information.

Step 3: Booking heavy vehicle licence assessment

When booking, you must contact an accredited provider like TDT Training Australia and advise us regarding any of the following: 1) if you are currently disqualified from driving in Australia, 2) subjected to a Fines Victoria sanctions, 3) have ever been disqualified from driving or refused a driver’s licence or learner permit in Australia, 4) have ever had your driver’s licence or learner permit cancelled or suspended, 5) wear corrective lenses or a hearing aid, or have a medical condition(s) or physical disability that may affect your driving fitness, and 6) are taking any prescribed medication. 

Step 4: Get your licence endorsed

After you’ve completed your heavy vehicle assessment, the accredited provider will upload your application and score sheet to the VicRoads partner portal.

The accredited provider will issue a temporary paper licence with the new licence holding displayed. You’ll receive your new licence card in approximately 7-10 working days.

After your application and scoresheet have been uploaded to your accredited provider’s portal, you will receive a temporary paper licence with the new licence holding. After 7-10 working days, your new licence card can be accepted.

You’ll receive a certificate of confidence and a score sheet if technical issues occur. You may submit these to customer service centres to have your licence endorsed within 12 months of the issue date.

At the visit, you must present your:

  • Certificate of Competence
  • Score sheet
  • Completed licence application form
  • Driver’s licence or evidence of identity

Once a receipt has been issued, it will take 7-10 working days to have your driver’s licence sent to you.

You will find lessons and tests easier if you already have a licence.

If you hold a manual licence, you have already passed a driving test using a vehicle with a synchromesh gearbox, and you won’t have to do it again. You’ll end up with an MR Condition B Licence, which allows you to drive an MR vehicle with a manual or automatic gearbox.

If you already have an automatic licence and you have completed your practical driving test in an automatic truck, you will automatically receive an MR Condition A Licence, which allows you to drive an MR vehicle with an automatic gearbox only. This can be lifted at a later date.

If eligible, consider doing your HR Licence; it is the next class up and can lead to wider employment opportunities. The price difference is minimal between these two licences.

An HR with a B condition is not as difficult or expensive as the HR open (road ranger) licence, as you do not need to master the double clutching technique.

A Medium Rigid licence allows you to drive rigid vehicles with two axles, such as an MR truck, while a Heavy Rigid licence allows you to drive vehicles with three or more axles.

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