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Forklift and Order Picker
Combined Licence Course
(TLILIC0003 & TLILIC0004)

Course Details

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Course Location


Entry Requirements

Must be minimum 18 years of age and have photo I.D. that includes name, signature and date of birth & secondary ID.


Course Content

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Theory & Practical Training within our warehouse, WorkCover assessment on completion of course.


A Forklift Course Handbook and an Order Picker Course Handbook are available from our office and are required reading in order to successfully complete the written theory and calculations assessments. *Verbal test available at an extra cost


Pre-Operational checks of forklift and working area, pre-operational checks of order picker and working area, negotiating hazards, shifting loads, placing loads in and out of racking, loading & unloading trucks and shut down procedures.


Gas & electric powered, automatic counterbalance forklifts and electric order picker. 

Apply now for our combined Forklift and Order Picker course to get ready for the workforce.

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Forklift & Order Picker Licence in Melbourne

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Gain the in-demand skills to operate both forklifts and order pickers with TDT Training Australia’s Forklift and Order Picker Combined Licence Course (TLILIC0003/TLILIC0004). This comprehensive course provides classroom instruction and practical, hands-on training to prepare you to work safely and efficiently in any warehouse setting.



For both licences, this course will run over 4 days.

Forklift and Order Picker Course Fee:

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The full 4 day course is $900.

Who is this course best for?

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This course is suitable for anyone who would like to get a job in warehouses, distribution centres or any indoor or outdoor setting that requires the use of forklifts or order pickers.

Other courses we offer

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TDT Training also offers the Forklift Licence course on its own or the Forklift Refresher course which you can take every 3-5 years to reaffirm your understanding of forklift safety and operations.

Licence Fee:

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$71.55 (subject to change) (payable to WorkSafe)

Why Choose TDT Training Australia

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When you choose TDT Training Australia, you get more than just a course; you gain access to a team dedicated to your success in the warehouse industry. Our experienced instructors bring real-world knowledge to the classroom, providing you with the skills and insights you need to excel. We train you in modern facilities that mirror current warehouse environments, ensuring you’re job-ready. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to expand your skill set, our personalised support helps you master forklift and order picker operations with confidence. Beyond forklift and order picker training, TDT Training Australia offers a wide range of qualifications in transport and logistics, including courses in traffic management implementation, general licences, and supply chain operations. Ready to take the next step in your career? Contact TDT Training Australia to explore our transport and logistics courses!


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Full Course Day Course – 4 Days(2 Days Forklift, 2 Days Order Picker)

Price: $900.00

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Licence Fee (payable to WorkSafe- at Australia Post or Online)

Price: $71.55 (Subject to Change)

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Onsite Fees are the same unless arrangement are made with TDT Management


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Drive Re-test (Practical)


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Theory Re-test


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Calculations Re-test


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Verbal Theory Test or Verbal Theory Re-test


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Full Re-test (theory & practical)


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Full Re-test (including Verbal theory & practical)


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An LO forklift, also known as a load shifting order picker, is a specialised type of forklift designed to lift both the operator’s platform and the load, allowing for safe and efficient retrieval of items from high storage racks within a warehouse.
A standard forklift (LF licence) primarily moves items horizontally, with the forks lifting loads from the ground. An order picker (LO licence) also functions as a type of personnel lift, allowing the operator to access inventory at various heights within the warehouse.
The price to renew your forklift licence can vary depending on several factors. In Victoria, forklift licences generally don’t have an expiry date, however, WorkSafe Victoria recommends refresher training every few years to ensure your skills stay up-to-date. Contact TDT Training Australia for current pricing on forklift licence refresher courses.
An LF licence authorises you to operate standard forklifts, which are primarily used for lifting and transporting loads on the ground level. An LO forklift licence is specifically for order pickers. Order pickers are specialised forklifts that elevate the operator along with the load for retrieving items from high shelves within a warehouse.
If you already hold an LF forklift licence, you may be interested in a standalone Order Picker licence course. Contact TDT Training Australia to discuss the best training path to expand your qualifications and skillset.
Prerequisites can vary, but in general, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, hold a valid driver’s licence (even a car licence may be enough), and meet basic language, literacy, and numeracy requirements. For the most up-to-date information on specific prerequisites, it’s always best to contact TDT Training Australia directly.
The combined course provides the knowledge and skills you need to safely operate both order pickers and standard forklifts (LF). You’ll learn workplace safety procedures, hazard identification and risk assessment, pre-operational equipment checks, the operation of both order pickers and forklifts, load shifting with an order picker, and all relevant industry regulations (TLILIC0003).
Yes, to obtain an order picker licence and forklift licence, you generally need to be at least 18 years old.
TDT Training Australia’s practical training takes place in modern facilities designed to mirror real warehouse environments. You’ll get hands-on experience safely operating both types of equipment, conducting load-shifting tasks, and following essential safety protocols and procedures.
Absolutely. TDT Training Australia’s courses are designed to accommodate both beginners and those seeking to expand their existing warehouse skill sets.
The full 4 day course is $900. For queries and the most up-to-date pricing on our combined order picker and forklift licence course, it’s best to contact us directly.
Yes, obtaining your forklift and order picker licences includes a theory component. The test will cover essential safety regulations and procedures (TLILIC0003 test), equipment-specific knowledge, and safe load handling practices.
Upon successful completion of the Forklift & Order Picker Combined Course, you’ll receive both your Order Picker Licence (LO) and your Forklift Licence (LF). The LO licence authorises you to operate order picking forklift trucks, the specialised forklifts used to retrieve items from high warehouse shelves. The LF licence allows you to operate standard forklifts for lifting and moving loads within warehouse environments.