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TDT Australia has led the way in preparing and assessing tens of thousands of Australian road users for all their driving needs.

Dedicated to delivering the very best of heavy vehicle training, TDT Australia’s focus is not just on providing a truck licence, but rather to provide an educational experience that makes safer and smarter drivers. TDT Australia offers a range of truck licences, including Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid , Heavy Combination and Multi Combination licences.

Tapping into the vast industry experience of our nationally accredited trainers and assessors, as well as utilizing our state of the art simulation technology, TDT Australia creates an environment that is modern, motivating and industry relevant.

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Heavy Vehicle Licences

You are eligible for a LIGHT RIGID licence after
holding a car licence for 1 year.

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Light Rigid (LR)

More than 4.5 tones but not more than 8 tonnes GVM or which seats more than 12 people (including the driver)

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You are eligible for a MEDIUM RIGID licence after holding a car licence for 1 year.

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Medium Rigid (MR)

Any 2 axle rigid vehicle greater than 8 tones GVM.
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You are eligible for a HEAVY RIGID licence after holding a car licence for 2 years.

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Heavy Rigid (HR)

A vehicle 8 tones GVM and above, with 3 or more axles.

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You are eligible for a MULTI COMBINATION licence after 1 year of holding a HEAVY COMBINATION or a HEAVY RIGID vehicle licence. You must also successfully complete an approved MULTI COMBINATION training course.

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Multi Combination (MC)

A Heavy Combination vehicle with more than one trailer.


The content and duration of the course will depend on the category of licence held.

Note from TDT

Above eligibility might sound like you can skip Heavy Combination, However Vicroads mandates that you MUST hold Heavy Combination licence for at least 1 day to be able to get Multi Combination licence. If in doubt please contact Vicroads on 13 11 71 or visit a Vicroads Customer Service Centre.

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You are eligible for a HEAVY COMBINATION licence after 2 years of holding a licence, with at least 1 year of holding either a MEDIUM RIGID or HEAVY RIGID vehicle licence.

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Heavy Combination (HC)

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TDT Training Heavy Vehicle Courses Brochure