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TLILIC2016 - Heavy Rigid Licence

Course Details

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Course Location

Hallam, Bendigo, Sale, Sunshine, Ballarat

Unit of Competency

Entry Requirements

Drivers participating in this course must have held a Victorian Car Licence for a minimum period of 24 months.


Student/Instructor Ratio 1:1


Course Content

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Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence Course in Melbourne

About the Vehicle

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A Heavy Rigid Vehicle is a vehicle 8 tones GVM and above, with 3 or more axles, including truck & bus.


This course is designed to train drivers to a competent standard in both theory and practical, which will enable them to pass the relevant VicRoads testing criteria for theory, skills and practical driving in the category of Heavy Rigid.


Duration 8, 12 or 16 hour course (Road Ranger) and 8 hours for synchromesh. 8 Hr synchro / auto $1300 not $1550.
Hourly training is also available upon request.

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Special Conditions

Course duration/costs do not guarantee students will sit the on road licence test. To be eligible to test, students MUST first meet VicRoads criteria. If criteria are NOT met students will not be able to undergo the on road test and will continue to train for the duration of the course. Additional costs will apply if students book subsequent training and/or testing.

Price List

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Heavy Rigid

Synchro / Auto

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Extreme Novice


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Heavy Rigid

Non Synchro

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Industry Experienced




Extreme Novice


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Heavy Vehicle Retest

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KT4 Retest


(On Road) Drive Retest


(Off Road) Both Reverse Retest


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Other Charges

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Weekend Fee (Applied per person, per day)


Re-issue Certificate / SOA


Truck Handbook


Endorsement fee (payable at TDT Training or VicRoads) $60.00*
*A card payment fee applies when using VISA or Mastercard.


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Hourly Training (Minimum 3 hrs for weekdays, Minimum 4 hrs for weekends)

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Heavy Vehicle (MR, HR, HC & MC) per hour


Assessment Fee (this can only be offered in conjunction with training)


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How much it costs to get your heavy rigid truck license in Victoria will depend on the amount of experience that you have. At Transport Driver Training (TDT), we have courses for experienced drivers starting from $800 and courses for novices starting from $1190 (gearbox specific). Feel free to speak with our friendly team for more information on HR training course costs in Melbourne and beyond.

Drivers participating in a HR course must have held a Victorian car licence for a minimum period of 24 months*. Applicants on medication or with a medical condition may require a medical clearance from VicRoads prior to commencement. Applicants with an overseas licence must have written approval from VicRoads stating licence category eligible and transfer their licence to Victoria.* Time exemptions through VicRoads are possible

Transport Driver Training (TDT) conducts truck license training in Melbourne and across Victoria. You can complete your course with us in Hallam, Bendigo, Sunshine, Sale or Ballarat. We provide a standout learning environment to ensure that all participants gain the skills they need to safely drive on the road.

Students will need to read the Victorian Truck and Bus handbook and sit a theory test (minimum 26/32 for a pass). During your training you will act on a range of different aspects of operating a medium rigid vehicle. This includes starting/stopping sequence, reversing and manoeuvring, turning and handling, vehicle position, gears and their issues, city and highway driving, road law system of vehicle control, performing cabin checks and performing pre-drive safety inspections.