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The 8 Steps To Become A Truck Driver

Process of obtaining a heavy vehicle licence in Victoria

Aligning to the requirement of VicRoads, to obtain a heavy vehicle licence you need to follow the next 7 steps

Step 1:

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To be eligible you need to hold a Victorian car driver’s license for a minimum period of 12 months (Light or Medium Rigid licence) or 24 months (Heavy Rigid).

Step 2:

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If you are on medication or with a Medical Condition may require a medical Clearance from VicRoads before attending heavy vehicle training course.

Step 3:

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Book in your Heavy Vehicle license course with an accredited provider. Visit or call 1800 350 320

Step 4:

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Before attending your licence course, read the latest edition of The Victorian Bus and Truck Drivers’ Handbook and complete the knowledge test

Step 5:

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Once enrolled, candidates to complete a formal training course. Successful validation of skills enables candidates to sit practical assessments.

Step 6:

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The assessments that you need to sit and pass include:

Step 7:

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Upon successful completion candidates will be given a certificate of competence for the updated licence category

Step 8:

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Within 12 months of issue date of the certificate of competence, you are required to visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre to endorse your heavy vehicle licence (fees apply). Finally, you would receive your endorsed driver’s licence and now take the first step on becoming a truck driver! You cannot legally operate a heavy vehicle until your licence has been endorsed.
All training and assessment conducted onsite by TDT Training Australia
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